Monday, April 05, 2010

4th Grade News

By Patrice Merendina
April is a very exciting month for the 4th grade at Ashford School. Our science and social studies units are student and teacher favorites. In science, students are studying life processes, the importance of the sun’s energy, and food chains and webs. The most exciting part of the unit is the presence of anoles in our classrooms. The students made observations of earthworms, crickets, and anoles and created a healthy environment for each animal. We are able to see how energy is passed on and consumed by each living thing in the tank!
In social studies, we start our post card project and our unit on the United States. Students will begin to explore each region and their landforms, waterways, economy, people, and important places. State reports, brochures, and post card books are a few of the large projects students will work on through the spring.