Saturday, February 13, 2010

Science Night & Invention Convention

by Carol Moran

Thursday, April 8th!

Students, here is your chance to create a cool invention or work on a science topic that interests you! You might build a catapult, test your sense of smell, design a toothpick bridge, invent something that helps with a chore…

Students will be introduced to science night this month in enrichment and science classes. Interested students should fill out the form given and return it to school.

A science project may be anything that shows a science idea: demonstration, research, or experiment that tries to answer a question. Science projects will not be judged.

An invention should be something simple that solves a problem or makes life easier in a new way. Inventions will be judged and some students will be chosen to represent Ashford School at the State Invention Convention in May.

Visit the school’s website for more information, or see Mrs. Moran.