Saturday, February 13, 2010

MathCounts Competition

By Donna Backhaus

On Saturday, February 6, 2010, the Ashford School MATHCOUNTS team traveled to the Coast Guard Academy in New London to participate in the 2010 MATHCOUNTS Competition. Our team members were Joseph C., Devin P., Ron L. and captain Adam C. The individual competitors were Martha S., Erica M. and Caleigh C. Students departed Ashford School at 7:00 a.m., along with the team members from Willington and Mansfield, and returned at approximately 4:30 p.m.

Prior to the competition, students met after school with Mrs. Backhaus and solved math problems. A typical MATHCOUNTS practice problem might look like…It has been calculated that a large swarm of locusts can eat 3,000 tons of food in a single day. How many days would it take a restaurant to make enough quarter–pound hamburger patties (no buns) to feed the swarm of locusts for one day if they can make 100 hamburger patties per minute and they work around the clock? Express your answer to the nearest whole number. Note: 1 ton equals 2000 pounds. Liebsch, Jessica, and Kristen Chandler, eds. MATHCOUNTS 2009-2010 School Handbook. Alexandria: 2009 MATHCOUNTS Foundation, 2009. Print.

The morning of the competition, students participated in two individual rounds - the Sprint Round and the Target Round. Upon the completion of the tests, students took a break and then proceeded to the Team Round. After lunch, the top eight scorers in the Sprint Round moved on to the

Countdown Round. The Countdown Round consisted of two of the eight qualifying students competing against one another and the clock to complete math problems. The process continued until a first, second and third place winner were determined. Following the competition, students stopped at McDonald’s for some social time with the Willington and Mansfield teams.

Great food, exciting company and challenging problem solving filled the day. Ashford School’s Mathletes are commended for the awesome job they did representing Ashford School!!