Thursday, January 28, 2010

2nd Grade Science Fun

Submitted by the 2nd grade team

The Ashford School Second Graders are scientists! They are all enjoying a variety of experiences that teach them how to explore, ask questions, observe, compare and contrast, and to conclusions. Ms. Bernardini and Mr. Busse have been working closely with Mrs. Moran to give students many hands on opportunities.

Ms. Bernardini’s class has been learning all about rocks and soil. Students classified rocks and sorted them into groups based on a variety of attributes. Vocabulary words like “luster” and “scratch test” were introduced. Students learned how rocks are formed and the difference between Metamorphic, Sedimentary, and Igneous rock. The second graders in this class also pretended to be soil inspectors and compared loam, sand, clay and silt. The students would tell you that they loved erupting a model volcano, and learning all about the special relationship worms have with soil!

Mr. Busses’ class has learning about Life Cycles. This unit is designed with an emphasis on the life cycle of plants.

The second grade classes will soon switch units, and enjoy sharing their findings with one another. It is so exciting to see our young scientists discover new things. Maybe someday they’ll discover something amazing and teacher other youngsters all about it.