Tuesday, August 26, 2008

School Year Welcome

As summer starts to wind down we are about to embark on another exciting school year at Ashford School. We have been able to hire some excellent new additions to the faculty and staff and look forward to working with them.

We also look forward to the first year of an all day kindergarten along with all outstanding activities that we are fortunate to provide in grades Pre-K to 8. Help from one of the most outstanding PTO’s in the area also help to provide programs and events for Ashford students.

As always our custodial staff has done an excellent job of getting the school ready and clean for the start of school. Their efforts are truly appreciated and are an important piece of making our school environment conducive to learning.

Our water project that will provide a new well and “pump house” is approximately two weeks behind but will be completed soon.

The faculty, staff and administration look forward to a positive and productive year serving the outstanding students we see each day.


Arthur Breault